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a brooch. in a london street is thought to be a terror attack inspired by radical islam reportedly carried out in revenge for military actions in muslim countries. and wires ripped through immigrant suburbs of stockholm for the fourth night in a row raising tough questions about sweden's open immigration policy. limbo and months of starvation the plight of the guantanamo bay prisoners might. change as president obama is expected to reassert his plans to close the facility during his counterterrorism address.
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a very good morning to you from all of us here at moscow. from the russian capital just after nine. suffrage murder that took place in broad daylight in southeast london has already caused a backlash hundreds of far right protesters flooded the streets near the scene of the killing and clashed with police while they were chanting and t. muslim slogans and accusing the british authorities of allowing the attack that's considered an act of terrorism and believed to have been motivated by radical islam a man thought to be an off duty soldier was hacked to death by two assailants armed with meat cleavers. reports from the british capital. the sense of shock amongst the community here in south east london where that horrific crime took place we've heard gruesome eyewitness accounts of the men who are alleged to have. the victim
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to death we've seen the video. already some information now from one of the videos that appears to show one of the alleged attack is that what you think they'll buy on. the street. probably. different. from the store. that. sold them. now the man who died there are unconfirmed reports that he was serving soldier and indeed this crime taking place next to the growing fences of the army barracks in this area has strong links to the british armed forces certainly the picture being painted is one of a perceived terrorist incidents certainly the response that we've seen from the
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government has also indicated that that is how they're dealing with it at the moment we'll have more information is thought when the prime minister is going to be meeting with the government's emergency response caber he'll be briefed on the intelligence that they have here in southeast london he seems. gatherings of the english defense league they've responded to this attack they said that they were going to give a response to what they perceive to be an islamist attack british police operation underway here the moment one of the chief officers that i spoke to had said that they have huge numbers of police deployed to the server and he told me they're very keen obviously to avoid a situation happening like we saw in two thousand and. and eleven we've had some sporadic incidents that we've been responding to pretty much since early to section sixty authority that was put in place at five past nine percent sixty is a power for the police to use certain stop and search powers without the need for
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an individual justification of those to stop and search at that time by and large if the very well handled fairly. police calling for calm as the investigation is ongoing correspondence or further for things that brutal killing has shaken the u.k. sparking fears of terrorism returning to the capital. looks at what could lie behind the attack and its broader implications for the country. prime minister david cameron said that this is a most appalling crime and that there are strong indications that it was a terrorist incident that the u.k. would never call in the face of terrorism he has cut short a trip to paris he was there with francois hollande he's going to be chairing a cobra and emergency government committee meeting it's one of those meetings that are already taking place in the decision was taken to increase security outside other army barracks or in and around london the incident has been met by horror
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from politicians from all sides of the political spectrum people are very shocked that this is taken place but if indeed it is confirmed as a as an act of terror carried out by islamic extremists well then it's a brutal act that is very unprecedented for the u.k. it presents a new reality for the british government and a new problem to face really because this wasn't a plot it wasn't a sophisticated bomb plot like the ones we've seen for oiled in recent years it wasn't anything like the july seventh bombings with the buses this is a brutal and very basic attack in the middle of a london street in broad daylight outside of applying reschooling the likely motivation for this brutal killing is it looks to be some people are speculating on british involvement of broad we know that the british army has been involved in conflicts in libya in afghanistan and iraq and william hague also the british
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foreign minister has recently been calling on the syrian rebels and britain has been heavily involved and actively campaigning to arm the syrian rebels and they've been helping them in providing support in other way in other ways and we also know that is a mess have threatened actually a number of times to behead a british soldier in retaliation for military involvement in afghanistan iraq and libya and in fact six years ago a group of british back. stanley's based in birmingham were convicted of plotting such an attack but today it looks like that attack may have taken place it's not confirmed yet but that's what a lot of people are talking about and it's already causing a number of commentators to make the link between british involvement and this sort of what looks to be like a homegrown terrorist attack we've had the british m.p. george galloway saying today to quote this sickening atrocity is exactly what we're
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paying the same kind of people to do in syria so in the view of some it's british involvement aboard that's increasing the danger for the british people at home. with the attack that we've seen. is political right there and our contributor afshin rattansi shows the view the london attack bears a strong resemblance to atrocities committed by rebel forces in syria. it is true that david cameron and hague are at the forefront along with francois hollande in paris trying to support the rebels that death christians muslims people of no faith at all in syria perhaps people would have seen like the events in which were the hacking we saw in the in the streets of that it was homes but of course that kind of attack was occurring as been occurring all over syria except as i said the british government is supporting the people with the
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machetes i have to say. when i first heard about this at two o'clock our time and it was a machete and it was involving knives and then of course the inevitable there were islamists or there was some connection to islam one had to think was the machete being supplied by william egg in no way will they change their foreign policy of any if anything they won't change their foreign policy they will react completely wrongly just as they did after seven seven invent new m i five operations to infiltrate muslim communities create more untag in islam and inspire more events if the past is anything to go by more tragic terrible violence like the ones we saw today and will it. and i here at r.t. today we've also got some reaction from across the atlantic brian becker from the antiwar coalition he believes such violence could have been predicted ever since the u.k. first embraced america's military options abroad. this was
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a disgusting attack a terrible assault a murderous attack one that people are sickened by throughout the u.k. and all over the world but when we look into the broader context we have to i would say no to particular things one is there is an escalating cycle of violence that is predictable and was predicted the british along with the british meaning the british government not the people. joined george w. bush in the invasion of iraq support the war in afghanistan were principles and demanding the bombing of libya along with the united states and france and nato are arming the same rebels in syria so the british colonial past and its current legacy of intervention in war is undoubtedly a factor the other thing though that we have to think about is will this lead to the targeting of immigrant populations black populations muslim populations for
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a new round of universal type demonization or criminalization and that's something we have to also be on the lookout for and be against and hear about see we've got a lot more on the story including a pictures videos live updates from london ole on our website of course to a couple of clicks away talk. today. these are the. streets of. day. one of europe's richest capitals witnessing its worst
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outbreak of violence in years hundreds of youths mostly. through the city's suburbs and four nights of rest and the violence has shocked the country famous for its attractive immigration policies and very generous welfare system. this report from stock. see the fourth night of violence here in stockholm wednesday had been relatively quiet we've seen community leaders out on the streets trying to stop young people from rioting from setting fire to cars and other things as you can see promotes going on just behind me once they've gone in for the evening it seems because of the people have started setting for more fires we've seen stone stone it at the police are journalists as well and this is all continuing from what we've seen start on sunday here in stocco now it's being claimed this was all started following a police shooting of a sixty nine year old man he was killed by police officers and is a parliament apparently holding
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a machete while he was slain by police that started the first night of violence and continued throughout the week here in stock and i talking to community leaders they say that one of the reasons for this is being down to unemployment here in these particular areas i'm in the suburb of who speak which is not too far from the center of stock obviously one of the worst hit areas by violence in recent nights. they say let's although sweden's unemployment figures are actually below the e.u. average when you look at youth unemployment we're talking about the under twenty five's nearly a quarter of the swedish population are out of work and if you look at the people who are being taking part in the violence that we've seen they are all very very young people in the that's one of the reasons why on wednesday evening it seemed like things were under control when we saw parents. religious leaders out on the streets it seems that once they have gone to bed then the trouble has started again
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as violence continues to rock this way the city. of sweden has for years been accepting immigrants who fail to integrate and only there to get money for nothing if you have swedish journalist in critical. the problem is not from the government or from the swedish people the last twenty years or so we have we have seen so many immigrants coming to sweden bedmate really doesn't like sweden they don't want to integrate they don't want to live in this society where you know working pain taxes and so on the people that come here now they come here because they know that sweden will give them money for nothing they don't have to work they don't have to pay taxes they can just stay here and get a lot of money and that is you know really the problem and the police could do so much they have told the public that they mean to do as little as possible but they could go in there they could use you know water cannons they could do. not letting
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people out in the streets at night there are so many things they could do within the law but they don't do it. it's good to have you with us here on our team today still ahead for you in the program now the west is ready for all the steps necessary to support the syrian opposition so-called friends of syria group demands for progress troops to leave the battlefield and says a transitional government's not formed but country will destroy itself. but the body of a missing man discovered near a former u.s. military base links think u.s. to brutal interrogation methods in the disappearance of dozens of civilians are still to come here or not.
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speak your language. or music programs and documentary some spanish matters to you. a little tentative angles keep stories. here. the spanish find out more visit.
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it's a busy day for news here on all t. thanks for joining us we're coming to life. moscow president obama's years old promise to close the guantanamo bay prison might finally get reenergized in a major counterterrorism address due later on thursday the u.s. leaders are expected to announce the transfer of detainee's from the war on terror facility will be sped up this comes as more than one hundred prisoners have been on hunger strike now for over three and a half months all of this in protest over indefinite detention. cat has more on this stunt of what to expect from the forthcoming speech. we have a major national security speech coming up and we have a word trickling down from the administration through various news outlets that the president is going to announce the resumption of transfers of some guantanamo detainees now these sources say that in the speech we're probably not going to hear
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details as to when these transfers will start happening but we will presumably hear about the administration's plans to lift the ban on sending detainees to yemen the yemenis are the largest single group of prisoners at guantanamo bay you have saudi and afghan nationals there as well as others there one hundred and sixty six detainees now held at guantanamo eighty six have been cleared who would be seen putting fifty six who are from yemen after years of inaction injustice and indifference and after more than three months of starvation the detainees have finally got the president's attention last week the president said he was going to remain u.s. to close the prison something that he probably promised to do four years ago the hunger strike certainly served as a push for these statements but one would argue he said that the detainees had to subject themselves to so much physical suffering to be heard after all this march and by then the hunger strike had already started critics argue that all this time did mr a should have the tools to release many of these men especially those who've
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been cleared for release but it seems that the fear is that even those who had nothing done nothing wrong and who were wrongfully captured after all they've been through at guantanamo all the humiliation they've seen the u.s. may have created enemies there so many of these men have fallen victim not just to their wrongful capture but also to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future now apart from going tunnel which the administration always pointed out it inherited from the previous administration the president is going to talk about his own kind of terrorism strategy. this wednesday the u.s. attorney general for the first time officially come from wright field for american citizens including the sixteen year old son of the yemen there was no mentioning of other countries citizens killed by u.s.
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drone strikes in his state of the union address president obama said he would get more transparent on drone operations we haven't really seen but we expect to hear more from him this thursday. he's going to if you can right there much more coverage of the all the guantanamo bay hunger strike including a timeline on our web site. also a message of despair. one of the maids is now able to tweet his feelings from behind bars after eleven years in detention all about despite being cleared for release plus. start of the art technology proves to be a complete disaster the latest multi million euros spanish submarine is unable to dive underwater due to a full in its construction. thanks
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for joining us here on out to you today an elderly award winning historian has shot himself dead at the altar of a cathedral in paris the seventy eight year old who'd been a fierce opponent of france's just to allow gay marriage he also strongly condemned islamist influence in the country and also. he says it's the government's policies which are pushing people to the edge. we are living in a pretty sick society right now. we're looking at a stage which imposes austerity on working people has failed to solve the unemployment problem the average shoots the industrialisation problem suicide rates are going through the roof this is a more europe wide problem of course the tyranny of austerity and mass unemployment
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is driving people crazy and i think that these events the seaside events that receding there are events are a reflection of that now have a right wing party that is appealing to this effected. people who are no longer any hope and secure in the future and no longer have any hope of a job and feel that they're being marginalized so the far right are there to exploit people to dispair. now a group of western and arab countries of hezbollah and iran and fighters to immediately withdraw from action in syria it's all about fears the conflict there is becoming radicalized at a meeting in jordan the so-called friends of syria alliance said it's ready to take quote all the steps necessary until the transitional government is formed america's top diplomat john kerry warned the bloc will continue its push as long as bashar assad holds on to the power he had that without such transitional negotiations
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syria will see even more violence and destruction of those statements contradict messages and. reports. speaking at a press conference in amman the u.s. state secretary john kerry said and i quote if syrian president bashar al assad was not prepared to discuss a political solution to end syria's civil war the united states and others would consider increasing support for his opponents and of quote that along with increasing initiatives across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels something again reiterated by the u.s. senate commission on tuesday is creating a feeling of uncertainty whether a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict would be found any time soon the latest statement by john kerry seems questionable especially after the meeting in moscow less than two weeks ago when john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and the russian president vladimir putin agreed to hold an international conference by the end of this month to have both the syrian government and the syrian
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opposition at the same negotiation table and back then told john kerry that he saw clear signs coming from the syrian government that they were willing to take part in this negotiation while nothing like that nothing of the same sort was coming from the opposition this stance was reached rated again by the russian foreign minister during his meeting with the deputy foreign minister of syria today in a more we are waiting for a reaction from the russian foreign ministry on. later statement by john kerry and we know that the russian foreign minister and the u.s. states actually had a conversation over the phone today about the peace conference which is due to be held by the end of this month but the biggest question in the light of the statements by john kerry in amman is whether this peace conference would be held at all. this is r.t. the body of an afghan man whose feet had been cut off has been discovered near a former american special forces base in the country and the man who disappeared last november was later seen in
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a video being tortured by an afghan american identified as and zachariah kandahar chief interpreter for us special forces are being trained a couple claims kandahar he was also in charge of a so-called death squad operating under the control of the u.s. investigators accused the group of torturing and killing at least seventeen people and washington denies any accusations a middle east expert said bega believes it would perfectly fit into the interrogation schemes of u.s. military operations. even if he no longer works for them i think the question should be raised is what kind of people are they hiring you know if they hired this guy in the first place what kind of checks were carried out to the sanity of the sky and i don't think that seventeen people are going to go missing because of the work of one person i think that you know maybe to special forces were involved in those disappearances let's look at background here base where people look up take to background tortured and been taken to going to animal brains people listed in
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background and then were handed over to the pakistanis or anybody else and also for example in abu ghraib we saw those pictures that were released and showed torture of victims so for the afghans the afghan government accused the americans of torture isn't far fetched and it's actually quite conceivable we've also heard from what worked and sort of returned from iraq for example and and have said that they were routinely killed people so you know if you look through america's history and the history of the military it's not inconceivable that they tortured and killed people. thanks so much for joining us here in r.t. today still to come for you now we're genetically modified food and your genetically modified health our special report on so-called frankenfood just a moment.
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paranoia and zero tolerance policies strikes yet again the latest in a string of children being punished for making gun noises or playing with toy guns involves a son of a u.s. marine who had the audacity as a child to use his imagination and p. pretended his pencil was our gun bang children imitate what they see in every t.v. channel and in many video games kids are going to see a lot of guns in fact the boy at that moment was admirably pretending to be just like his father a u.s. marine you know guns kind of come with that job description rather than complain you all again about the obvious idiocy of zero tolerance policies against children playing let me give one suggestion to actually help fix the problem there are so many teachers and school administrators across america that i bet many of you know one of them try talking them to madness of zero tolerance a lot of people do things just because they were told to or they never thought
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about it before so please dear friends try to get teachers you know to actually think about it i can complain on t.v. all day long but one conversation from a friend or relative really could change many people's minds maybe but that's just my opinion. to know the crops to drink poison. eighty five percent of all the g.m. crops are sold the herbicide that it's. so ready soil is designed not to die from. genetic engineering is on the coat
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tail of conventional and culture that is characterized by the proliferation of agro chemicals fertilizers pesticides herbicides fungicides all of these chemicals . costs in on energy production they have cost in environmental cleanup this is self-propagating genetic pollution we have no technology today to fully clean up the damage gene pool maybe we will in the future . but we're not feeding the proximity of science to the entire population and releasing me to the environment where they can never be recall. any scientists who tells you they know that g m o's are safe and not to worry about it is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying nobody knows what the long term effects will be geneticists dr david suzuki genetically engineered foods go through
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a rigorous review before they are approved the review includes analysis of the trams plant versus its parent and there's a standard that you have to meet called substantial equivalence they have to be equivalent in terms and nutrients have to be equivalent in terms of processing they really have to be basically indistinguishable except for the transgenic trait the concept of g m o's being substantially equivalent to comes from the first bush administration when under heavy industry lobbying it was decided that g m o's would be generally regarded as safe and not need testing as would befit a novel food or drug product this designation was given without a single long term food safety study backing it dmoz are on our plates because of a single sentence of the f.d.a. policy would says that the agency is not aware of any information showing that you are significantly differ.


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